This section is to present all the people that have helped Cyber Shaman along the way. Some have helped me get better by collaborating with me, others have helped me get more exposure or gave me insights on new ways to promote my music.
This section will grow as I have already met lots of fantastic people that I want to introduce you to. I will keep on adding more people as I continue my journey into the music world.

​​Ntokozo Mazibuko aka Aexo Music
He is the first producer to collaborate with Cyber Shaman. This great producer’s shamanic spirit is very high! Lots of positive energy coming from this young man from South Africa, he is a GQOM music producer that has a natural for mixing African sounds with electronic music from the rest of the world.

He contacted me first and was ready to collaborate with me on his new project called Dreams and Delays despite my little experience with music creation collabs. He insisted on doing another one that would include some other producers to make this a really special release. I am very grateful to him for giving me that chance.

This collaboration has created two great tracks so far, mixing his GQOM style with the more techno/trance side of Cyber Shaman. The first track is titled Ice Cage Bouncer and the other one is Dance or Die.
While Ice Cage Bouncer was more of a standard collab between us two, Dance or Die included another great producer from Spain
Frank 973 is another producer I have discovered in my first week of music production. He is very talented and creates dark atmospheric sounds that fit extremely well with the kind of track we wanted to do. The final result is really astounding and I cannot wait to hear the final Dreams and Delays EP in June when it gets out! 
Drunx is a really unique DJ from the Netherlands. He is quite open and has lots of experience, so it was a great fit for me. His style is Techno and House which also fits very well with Cyber Shaman

“The Wasted Professor” and I have now collaborated on three different tracks. I first did a remix of his Paranoid in the Club track that he chose to put on his album released in May.

He was the one who got me on Spotify for the first time, so I am grateful to him. He also gave me more confidence in my music skills by giving me great feedback.

We then started working on two new tracks together. The two tracks are really promising and I have lots of chemistry with this producer’s style and hyperactivity. The final result will surely be special and groovy!
Alex aka R.O.K. Rise Of Kelevra
 This 24-year-old young man from Brooklyn, New York creates great progressive and melodic Techno. He allowed me to do a remix of his track Paradox and we also collaborated on a second track titled Masquerade that he should release soon.

My remix of his Paradox track is still one of my favourite personal tracks. It’s a remix #psytrance style and the track got much attention when it got out. It is highlighted on my first Trance album released in April.
The Masquerade collaboration started with him creating two minutes of great deep sounding synths and my challenge was to make it a 4 or 5-minute track by adding bass and drums the best that I could. He then would finish it. I have still not heard the final result but I am really eager to!
Florian Mayer aka .FM
A versatile producer from Germany that elevates himself when collaborating with others! We met on a Facebook group and he immediately wanted to work with me! He is one of the few who gave me feedback about my work (both positive and negative), and he is really supportive of Cyber Shaman.

He did a great remix of one of the tracks I am most proud of to date: L’effet Papillon! This is already a two-part track with a great bouncy ending, and he really did a remix that, while different from the original, delivers the ambience and the impact of my track!
I'd like to thank him for his support and for being the first to do a remix of one of my tracks. Thanks again Florian! Can’t wait to work with you again!
 Jordan Lindberg aka The Identity Matrix
This young producer from Washington State is doing great retrowave 80’s style! We met on twitter and he immediately was interested in doing something duo. We started with one dark electro track. As soon as I received his great synths stems, I was very impressed with his talent and the quality of his production! This was the ignition we needed to go further!

We just released an EP coming from this 1-month project! The EP is a #dark #electro journey through the inner world of the Cyber Matrix, a supercomputer in the future capable of anything! This is really a great collaboration where both producers worked on each track and added their personal touch to the final result! So I am happy to say : Welcome, to the Cyber Matrix!
I want to personally thank Jordan for this great endeavour we just finished, and I am excited about any other project we might work on in the future. I can almost guarantee this is not the last time you hear the both of us working together!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to these great artists! 

Other friends and supporters:

Peter Crush
Deaf Cel
Pantera by B & J
Aniello Guerra
Pierre Laurendeau
Sentiment music
Dark Father of Radio Dark Tunnel
Atira Case
Mark Gibson aka Tyne Dock Sound Bureau
Hollowlove music
Eric C. Powell
Paul Handley
Dark Sparx
Solitaire Lounge
Dark Mark4
Sonic Rider
Seb du Bol
Radiohead DJ
DJ Falling Girl
DJ Marty Mart
Sensei Jose
Clive Mcdonald
Erizan Batista
Adiv Williams
Fire Frame
Synthwave Redneck
Monsafe Smokingroove
See Thomas Owl
Simon Psychosis
DJ Eternal
Gravity Gun
Shauny Walker
Evgueny Jevaguine
Radio Coolio
DJ Karouh

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